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 Riki's 'GameMater ' Application

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Riki's 'GameMater ' Application Empty
PostSubject: Riki's 'GameMater ' Application   Riki's 'GameMater ' Application EmptyTue Jul 13, 2010 11:08 am


Character Name:

Haven't made one yet but will make it soon as possible.



Position Applying For:

Game Master

IGN: Riki

Play hours: On weekdays 5:30pm to 10:30pm, And on weekends 2pm to 12am Due to schooling

Reasons why you should be GM:
Well I will help a lot of people out when they need it,I'll hold tons of events for everyone to enjoy and ill catch and ban the hackers and scammers

How active are you in ScarfaceMS in order to become GM?: I can be very active even though my step-dad turns my internet off i still find away to turn it back on and start playing again

What experiences have you had in the past that may help you as a GM?: I have never been a GM on any private MS servers, but i learn very fast, but hey everyone has to start somewhere!!

What have you done/ will do for ScarfaceMS? I will try the very best i can too make it a nice enjoyable game for others to enjoy.

Do you vote on a daily basis and do you try and recruit players for a bigger community?: Yes i try to vote every 12 hours and i try to encourage my friends from 'Global MapleStory' to play.

What will you do to make ScarfaceMS a better place?: As i said before i will try to help out everyone I can and if I'm aloud i will try to donate

Thanks for having a look at my GameMaster app :]

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Riki's 'GameMater ' Application Empty
PostSubject: Re: Riki's 'GameMater ' Application   Riki's 'GameMater ' Application EmptyTue Jul 13, 2010 2:50 pm

No Char Means No Approval.
Denied; Make a new One In 1/2 Weeks.
Report to a GM Problems and be Honest/Nice to Us.
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Riki's 'GameMater ' Application
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