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 Aarons Dev Team App

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PostSubject: Aarons Dev Team App   Aarons Dev Team App EmptyFri Sep 04, 2009 8:39 pm

Well theres really no format to fill out so I guess ill make one up.

Age: 15
Gender: Male
IGN: Aaron
Contact:, me because i dont check the mail ;])
Experience: I have made my own severs and have been my own coder and made things such as Custom JQs, Warping NPCS, Exchange Items NPCS, and more

Play hours: Alot.

Reasons why you should be on the dev team: I am experienced, responsible, active, and i will try my best to make the NPCs you need. Also I was already on the dev team in this server ;P

What have you done for ScarfaceMS: I have been helpfull to almost everyone, Im nice to all, and people love me ;D

To all those who apply for a DEV spot you must consider a few things inorder to be on the dev team.

1.How active are you in ScarfaceMS in order to be on the team? Im very active. I can be on for hours and hours every day.

2.What experiences have you had in the past that may help you be on the team? Ive made my own sever such as JungleStory, SatanStory, and my friends server, EatMeMs. On there i have made custom JQs, exchange NPC, Rock paper sissors, and much more.

3.What have you done/ will do for ScarfaceMS? I will do my best to make all NPC's requested by anyone. I have also been kind to all and i like doing events for people. I will ask everyone what they have in mind to make the sever better and will try my best to make it work.

4.Do you vote on a daily basis and do you try and recruit players for a bigger community? Yes, i do vote every 12 hours and I will make ADs on websites to get us more players.

5.What will you do to make ScarfaceMS a better place. I will always be active and help anyone with their problems, make events, create NPCs, and dedicate myself to ScarFace.

Here are somethings you need to use as i code to make the NPCs do things

cm.sendSimple (Makes them say something)
cm.dispose(Ends conversation with NPC)
cm.sendStyle(Shows a list of styles to choose from(Hair))
var status = 0;
and plenty more

I have things already made such as , exchanging golden leafs for rare items or scrolls, Super RB npc that gives you a ring with +30k stats when you give the npc 30k of all your stats to make the players stronger(Just tell me what you want in the exchange item NPC)Coming soon if i make it ScarFaceMs's Custom JQ!

Example :
var status = -1;

function start() {

action(1, 0, 0);

function action(mode, type, selection) {
if (mode == -1) {
} else {
if (mode == 1){status++;} else {status--;}

if (status == 0) {
cm.sendNext("This is an example NPC. I will now warp you to Henesys \r\n#rMade by Aaron");
} else if (status == 1) {
} else {

Well, Thank you for taking the time to read this. Hope you accept me.



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PostSubject: Re: Aarons Dev Team App   Aarons Dev Team App EmptyFri Sep 04, 2009 11:24 pm

wow dude 10!
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Aarons Dev Team App
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