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[Guide] For EVERYTHING - FMKing *OUTDATED* Empty
PostSubject: [Guide] For EVERYTHING - FMKing *OUTDATED*   [Guide] For EVERYTHING - FMKing *OUTDATED* EmptyWed Sep 02, 2009 10:34 am

FM 1 - Useful NPCs.
-Nana(p) is an all-in-one shop
-Nana(e) is useless at the moment
-Pachinko 2 is uncoded at the moment
-Nana(k) sells "use" items like stars, chairs and boss pieces
-Nana(h) is a stat reseter
-Sera gives you information about ScarfaceMS. She also gives you a free NX hat!!

FM 2 - Anego(Female Boss); Gives 19,500,000,000 exp

FM 3 - Papulatus Clock; Gives 2,980,000,000 exp

FM 4 - Coke Monsters (Ice Golem, Coke Snails etc.); Gives varying exp, depending on the monster

FM 5 - Thanatos; Gives 20,500,000 exp

FM 6 - Gatekeeper; Gives 21,500,000 exp

FM 7 - Manon; Gives 67,500,000 exp

FM 8 - Griffey; Gives 67,500,000 exp

FM 9 - Black Crow; Gives 8,900,000,000 exp

FM 10 - Headless Horseman; Gives 1,500,000,000 exp

FM 11 - Bodyguard A; Gives 69,000,000,000 exp

FM 12 - The Boss; Gives 87,500,000,000 exp

FM 13 - Crimson Balrog; Gives 17,500,000 exp

FM 14 - Geist Balrog; Gives 28,000,000 exp

FM 15 - Male Boss; Gives 27,500,000 exp

FM 16 - Jr. Balrog; Gives 12,500,000 exp

FM 17 - Lord Pirate; Gives 36,000,000 exp

FM 18 - Mushmom; Gives 6,000,000 exp

FM 19 - Skelegon; Gives 22,500,000 exp

FM 20 - Skelosaurus; Gives 23,750,000 exp

FM 21 - Dark Kornian; Gives 18,500,000 exp

FM 22 - Nathalie, an uncoded exp. Rumors say she will be coded into a boss spawner [She Was, I coded it to Boss Spawner in My server + Moogras repack also. [FMKing] ]

Credits - Waffle

How To Make Quick Money!

First, get to Level 70 + by training in Henesys and LudiBrum. See if you can get leeched.

Second - Go to the All in 1 store. Use the money u collected till now and buy The best Items u can use - by buying from Allin1store.

Third - Go to New Leaf City - Buy Ginger Pots, 75% HP + MP and Cheaper than Allin1store .

Fourth - Start at FM 16, jr. Balrog. Balrogs rape drop money, pick it up over and over. You will find your self leveling reletively fast, and getting 2b Often. Everytime you reach 2 bill, use @fmnpc ---> Exchange Items for Mesos - Choose the SECOND option. Convert them over and over.

Fifth - Keep training till Lvl 120 or so. By then you will have over 30b worth of Golden Maple Leaves. Move to FM 13 - make SURE U HAV ENOUGH pots.

Sixth - Keep Grinding + Leveling - You should have gotten over 100 b if you havent spent anything.

Seventh - Your finally strong enough - Go Train till Level 200 - Rebirth, than get More stats.

Eight - Go get A stat reset, and add appropriately toward your Job.

Ninth - Repeat

Universal - Most Recommended Job -

Night Lord or Bishop as First Job, because it is much easier to level and kill monsters with these 2 jobs.

Second Rebirth - I recommend Bandits / Bucanners or Bowmasters/Snipers Greatly. Why? Warrior has close range attacks only. The Descent Long range attack for Warrior is from DK, but has weak dmg rate.

Third - By the time you reach this stage, you are strong enough to do any Job you want.

How to Make a Guild -

Creating a Guild Costs 5 Million Mesos -

Creating a Guild EMBLEM costs 15 million Mesos

Adding 5 Slots to Guild = 5 million Mesos EACH upgrade.

Start with 10 - 90 Slots left = 18 x 5 = 90MILL -

Total Cost - 120 Million Mesos - [ I guarantee it will cost about 140 million, you want be happy with your Emblem. ]

Where to go to Make A GUILD.

Go to ---> Orbis. Go to The VERY TOP LEFT of the Map, there should be a portal. Go through it, then go ---> This way. Go into the Building. DaDa~~~

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[Guide] For EVERYTHING - FMKing *OUTDATED* Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Guide] For EVERYTHING - FMKing *OUTDATED*   [Guide] For EVERYTHING - FMKing *OUTDATED* EmptyFri Sep 04, 2009 8:57 am

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