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 How to play ScarfaceMS *FAQ included* *OUTDATED*

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How to play ScarfaceMS *FAQ included* *OUTDATED* Empty
PostSubject: How to play ScarfaceMS *FAQ included* *OUTDATED*   How to play ScarfaceMS *FAQ included* *OUTDATED* EmptyWed Sep 02, 2009 12:46 am

The Easy Way Installing Scarface MS

Step: 1 You need to download MSSetupV62.exe Don't know where to find it? Well here you go! Download Only One!
Mirror Z457FAV5

Step: 2 Once you have downloaded MSSetupV62, you need to install it! Just follow the instructions on the installer. Best to install to C:/Nexon/Maplestory. Don't let Maplestory Update or Run!!Unless you don't want to play this AWESOME Server! Should look like This untouched:
How to play ScarfaceMS *FAQ included* *OUTDATED* 2

Step: 3 Almost done! Now download the Scarface client here! ?jznz53jzvl4

Step: 4 Okay now You should have a file called ScarfaceMS.exe.
How to play ScarfaceMS *FAQ included* *OUTDATED* Scarfacel
Open You Maplestory wherever you installed it. And drag ScarfaceMS.exe into your Maplestory folder.

How to play ScarfaceMS *FAQ included* *OUTDATED* Dragw

Must Have
Follow This Guide to add new character.wz file!

Done! Should Look Like This:
How to play ScarfaceMS *FAQ included* *OUTDATED* Lookcnu
If So, You Are Ready to click ScarfaceMS.exe. ScarfaceMS is autoregister, so enter your account and password! See You Online!
Don't Forgot to Follow the Rules and Vote for Scarface MS Here:

Technical Support
If ScarfaceMS.exe is giving problems, delete the Original MapleStory.exe, and rename ScarfaceMS.exe to MapleStory.exe

Then for Vista, run as Administrator and done!

If you are stuck at Character Screen or Can't Log In, then snooze you lose! JK! The server is probably offline.

If You have the Server Check Message! You have to wait a while because Tony hasn't make a script to unlog your self out! Patince is the Key!

Problem: I load maplestory then the screen goes blank and closes.
Solution: Goto your maplestory folder and run setup.exe It will have you do a few steps of "if you can see this press alt+h" Then it will auto-configure your refresh rate.

Problem: Im missing "insert name here".dll now what?
Solution: this .zip file contains all of the .dll files inside the maplestory folder. Simply download and extract.

Problem: I click on the ScarfaceMS client and it says ijl15.dll is missing or could not be found.
Solution: Place your ScarfaceMS client inside your maplestory folder or refer to above problem.

Problem: I get the error -2147221000 DLL for class not found when i try to load the game
Solution: If im correct about this it is a c++ class file error. try downloading these files and replacing them. (in process of solving)

Ingame Problems:

Problem: My character is stuck in game GM please help.
Solution: wait until server restarts.

Problem: Im level 200 but when i talk to carnival guy i cant reborn.
Solution: Make sure you have room in your inventory for your equips to be placed there. Otherwise each time you try to reborn you will loose one item. Also a relog tends to help.

Problem: my mystic door stopped working.
Solution: common problem this is caused from mad easterbunny maxing the skills. If it is leveled manually it tends to work.

Problem: I placed stats into mp and hp but when i restat i dont get them back.
Solution: Its a glitch. Be careful not to place stats in mp or hp. There is a nice post explaining this.

Problem: I cant buy female Nx help me!!!
Solution: You have to equip the item to your character first. Then click the buy button under your avatar on the top left of the screen.

Problem:: I crash in the cash shop!!!!
Solution: Dont stay in the cash shop for to long. You will crash on specific items too. The cape tab has a tendency to cause a crash if you are "wearing or not wearing a cape?"(someone verify which one it is if you know)

Credits to redhot209 for this awesome guide~

How to play ScarfaceMS *FAQ included* *OUTDATED* Usesearch
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How to play ScarfaceMS *FAQ included* *OUTDATED*
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