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 [Guide]FM Guide *OUTDATED*

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[Guide]FM Guide *OUTDATED* Empty
PostSubject: [Guide]FM Guide *OUTDATED*   [Guide]FM Guide *OUTDATED* EmptyTue Sep 01, 2009 1:08 pm

Hi, this is Waffle. Here is a list of what is found in each FM (Free market)

FM 1 - Useful NPCs.
-Nana(p) is an all-in-one shop
-Nana(e) is useless at the moment
-Pachinko 2 is uncoded at the moment
-Nana(k) sells "use" items like stars, chairs and boss pieces
-Nana(h) is a stat reseter
-Sera gives you information about ScarfaceMS. She also gives you a free NX hat!!
[Guide]FM Guide *OUTDATED* 48942Maple0002

FM 2 - Anego(Female Boss); Gives 19,500,000,000 exp
[Guide]FM Guide *OUTDATED* 19089Maple0003

FM 3 - Papulatus Clock; Gives 2,980,000,000 exp
[Guide]FM Guide *OUTDATED* 67175Maple0004

FM 4 - Coke Monsters (Ice Golem, Coke Snails etc.); Gives varying exp, depending on the monster
[Guide]FM Guide *OUTDATED* 13422Maple0007

FM 5 - Thanatos; Gives 20,500,000 exp
[Guide]FM Guide *OUTDATED* 86980Maple0005

FM 6 - Gatekeeper; Gives 21,500,000 exp
[Guide]FM Guide *OUTDATED* 44851Maple0006

FM 7 - Manon; Gives 67,500,000 exp
[Guide]FM Guide *OUTDATED* 10397Maple0001

FM 8 - Griffey; Gives 67,500,000 exp
[Guide]FM Guide *OUTDATED* 29974Maple0008

FM 9 - Black Crow; Gives 8,900,000,000 exp
[Guide]FM Guide *OUTDATED* 64287Maple0009

FM 10 - Headless Horseman; Gives 1,500,000,000 exp
[Guide]FM Guide *OUTDATED* 21031Maple0026

FM 11 - Bodyguard A; Gives 69,000,000,000 exp
[Guide]FM Guide *OUTDATED* 73986Maple0011

FM 12 - The Boss; Gives 87,500,000,000 exp
[Guide]FM Guide *OUTDATED* 18196Maple0012

FM 13 - Crimson Balrog; Gives 17,500,000 exp
[Guide]FM Guide *OUTDATED* 51062Maple0013

FM 14 - Geist Balrog; Gives 28,000,000 exp
[Guide]FM Guide *OUTDATED* 7154Maple0014

FM 15 - Male Boss; Gives 27,500,000 exp
[Guide]FM Guide *OUTDATED* 59702Maple0024

FM 16 - Jr. Balrog; Gives 12,500,000 exp
[Guide]FM Guide *OUTDATED* 42323Maple0025

FM 17 - Lord Pirate; Gives 36,000,000 exp
[Guide]FM Guide *OUTDATED* 63122Maple0018

FM 18 - Mushmom; Gives 6,000,000 exp
[Guide]FM Guide *OUTDATED* 80929Maple0019

FM 19 - Skelegon; Gives 22,500,000 exp
[Guide]FM Guide *OUTDATED* 91546Maple0020

FM 20 - Skelosaurus; Gives 23,750,000 exp
[Guide]FM Guide *OUTDATED* 38231Maple0021

FM 21 - Dark Kornian; Gives 18,500,000 exp
[Guide]FM Guide *OUTDATED* 29487Maple0022

FM 22 - Nathalie, an uncoded exp. Rumors say she will be coded into a boss spawner
[Guide]FM Guide *OUTDATED* 26405Maple0023

Well. hope you enjoyed this guide- took me awhile Very Happy. Anything to help the server. I checked each of the monsters exp rate on's monster database and multiply each of the given exp by 5,000. Thanks for viewing. Good luck Scarface Maplers!!

Credits to mrgreantea for this awesome guide -Waffle

[Guide]FM Guide *OUTDATED* Usesearch

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[Guide]FM Guide *OUTDATED* Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Guide]FM Guide *OUTDATED*   [Guide]FM Guide *OUTDATED* EmptyWed Sep 02, 2009 10:20 am

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[Guide]FM Guide *OUTDATED*
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