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Maplestory v75 Private Server
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 dadasgts Gm App

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PostSubject: dadasgts Gm App   dadasgts Gm App EmptySat Sep 26, 2009 5:46 am

Expert Player at Anythink ..

Experience: i have experience in V62 Servers although i've been GM about three times in v55 servers.
Play hours:3-7hrs? A lot more on weekends
Reasons why you should be GM: I guess i just wanna bring the people back to the sever because alot of people left .
What have you done for ScarfaceMS: ive voted for this sever many times.

1.How active are you in ScarfaceMS in order to become GM?
As i said above 3-7 hours i play more then this on the weekends

2.What experiences have you had in the past that may help you as a GM?
I had many experiences being gm in other sever but i think i can handle this

3.What have you done/ will do for ScarfaceMS?
i will open events and make the players awsome !

4.Do you vote on a daily basis and do you try and recruit players for a bigger community?
I do vote. My friends are through Maplestory so i can't recruit players, but i help people with problems playing the server for the first time. For example some people couldn't register so i tried to help them with that. I've given them links do the v62 download and once they are able to get in game they tend to add me Razz.

5.What will you do to make ScarfaceMS a better place.
I will make the sever shine like a shooting star that lots of ppl with join plz accept me.
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PostSubject: Re: dadasgts Gm App   dadasgts Gm App EmptyThu Oct 01, 2009 11:55 pm

lol im not trying to be rude or nuthin but u kinda sound desperate and this quote proves my statement
*plz accept me*
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dadasgts Gm App
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